Installing basic enviroment for start Developing Ruby on Rails apps under windows

If you plant to start developing under Ruby on Rails one good start point could be installing a basic developement enviroment.

If you are using windows I hope that this tutorial could be usefull for you.

1.- Download rubycompiler, interpreter

you can get it from

2.- Download RubyGems, will be necesary for get libraries

you can get it from

uncompres the zip file, and open a terminal

cd <directory where you decompress rubygems>

ruby setup.rb

3.- Download rubyInstaller developement kit

execute the downloaded file in a directory like: C:\\Devkit

when you have it extrated open a terminal and write

cd <Devkit installer dir>

ruby dk.rb init

ruby dk.rb review

ruby dk.rb install

4.- Install rails

Open a terminal and write

gem install rails

5.- Donload and install JDK (needed for netbeans)

6.- Download amd install  Netbeans

7.- Install Netbeans ruby plugin

Open netbeans and select tools->plugins menu

netbeans plugins

a new dialog appears, select avaliable plugins tab and mak ruby and rails plugin

ruby and rails plugin netbeansClick install

and follow the install wizard

Congratulations you have a ruby on rails basic enviroment installed

You can create a new ruby on rails project in the wizard File->New Project