Installing Zabbix Agent onto a Sinology DS216J

Nowadays small storage servers are a cheap solution for store backups and SME storage server.

Recently  Small business with various Sinology Servers in different locations asked me if there any way to control a few parameters like free storage space.

Quickly I remember that zabbix could be a good solution for this scenario, I get a Sinology DS216J and start checking if where posible to install a zabbix agent inside.

Like Qnap these devices are small ARM processors with a customized linux distribution installed.

The process was simply, Just attach a hard disk and update to latest firmware, remember newer is always better.

After First steps, we will need to get a terminal access.

This is easy

Login as admin in your sinology web interface an go to Control Panel -> Advanced Mode -> Terminal & SNMP and enable SSH service

from a linux terminal or  using putty we will login in the sinology

ssh admin@'sinology ip'

for example ssh admin@

now we are inside the nas linux, first we will need to change to root user

sudo su -

now we can install Entware-ng that is a package repository only a few steps are needed

create a dir to store packages

mkdir -p /volume1/@entware-ng/opt

change /opt dir to the previous created

rm -rf /opt
ln -sf /volume1/@entware-ng/opt /opt

now we will execute the repo installer, in our case we are runing an armv7

wget -O - | /bin/sh

next step is integrade entware with our profile

just edit /etc/profile and append these line at the end

. /opt/etc/profile

now we should reboot our nas and login again as admin

and start zabbix installation

opkg update

and we can install zabbix agent

opkg install zabbix-agentd

your zabbix configuration file will be at


and you can start and stop zabbix agent launching this command

/opt/etc/init.d/S07zabbix_agentd start

/opt/etc/init.d/S07zabbix_agentd stop