Adding Hard Disk by UUID in Centos

Suppose that you create a fake Time Capsule with a Centos Server

HP MicroserverAnd suppose that you get a lot of new hard disk, and one of your fears is that one day you need to remove all hard disk from the server for make a maintenance operation. Will you remember the order when you want to add it again? Probably no, and when you switch on the server the mount points has been changed and a lot of Macs are overwriting the last backup or all the time capsule users call you saying.

My time machine shows a warning message,

Where are my backups?

I need my backups now because i was editing a file and I need the version of 24 hours ago NOW.

The solution is use UUID

I added the new hard disk one by one, create the needed partitions

fdisk /dev/sdx or gdisk /dev/sdx if you want gpt

mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdx1